Dental Plans

There are two types of Dental Plans.
One is Dental Insurance. You pay a monthly premium and the insurance company pays set fees for various services. Better plans will run from about $35-$60 per month. Many have waiting periods for larger procedures. The reason for this is they don’t want you to purchase a plan for $35, have a $800 procedure done, and then cancel the plan. They wouldn’t stay in business very long. Basic procedures like cleanings, XRays, and such are usually covered immediately.
Two of the better plans are Ameritas and Physician’s Mutual.
For Physician’s Mutual, email us at
For Ameritas, you can get a quote here:

The second type is Dental Savings Plans. These plans don’t cover you like insurance, but they have agreements with Dental Offices to provide services for you at pre-negotiated prices. These plans are less expensive than the Dental Insurance plans and are offered by many large carriers like Aetna, Cigna, CVS, and numerous others.
Check them all out on the link below. Just enter your zip code and hit select plan. Then at the top you can switch between dental plans and dental insurance.
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